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Okay, So This DIY Spray May Be The Best Way to Easily Get Rid of Flies

This simple mix legit works instantly

Okay, since the summer started, we’ve posted a few articles showing how people across social media are getting rid of flies with homemade elixirs, DIY sprays and traps, and while those appeared have been great methods to help rid your household of those pesky flies and other insects, this one DIY spray from TikTok content creator @virginiahlane is absolute gold!


As seen in the quick video, she shows us a fly lallygagging around a strawberry on a mason jar. She then takes a homemade fly killing spray made of one cup of rubbing alcohol, 1/2 cup water and three tablespoons of dish soap and sprays it at the fly on the strawberry, instantly making it drop to the bottom of the cup.

Umm how amazing is this fly killing spray?! We love that we no longer have to run around with a fly swatter or store-bought spray hoping to catch it and kill it — this DIY spray clearly works!

People in the comment section vouched for this DIY spray, too! “This works for spiders too,” one TikTok user wrote. “Slowed them down to where I could get them but didn’t kill instantly Be prepared to wash windows if that’s where your spraying,” @nanetteramahi commented.

Even if the spray doesn’t necessarily kill the fly on contact, at least it does enough for you to catch it and prevent it from flying around your household. We’re impressed with this DIY!