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Man Builds Foldable Stairs and It's The Coolest Thing Ever


The home buying process is no way shape or form an easy process. You have to make sure that your potential home is not only affordable, but is also equipped with other amenities that you deem important. For example, if you want a pool, then you obviously are looking for a home that already has one or at least has a backyard big enough to build a pool when you’re ready to do so. What about if you want a one-story home or maybe two stories? Or how about both a one-story and two-story home in one?

It may seem impossible to do both, but TikTok carpenter @goodsirsketch shows us it can be done and it’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see today!


Okay, so while this technically isn’t a one story-home, we love how the sturdy stairs fold away to provide an option to kind of be both a one-story and two-story home. It’s so cool! The reason for the foldable stairs was the homeowner could fit his forklift underneath the stairs with no problem, so imagine how many other items can fit underneath these foldable stairs. What a great storage hack!

The comments were filled with funny responses to this cool hack. “I need this just incase of a zombie apocalypse,” @mizzimie said. “Imagine walking down hungover af and forgetting you tucked the stairs for bed as you take a header of of a neat idea,” @kevinwisham commented. “bruh, imagine needing to go do something in the middle of the night "Who forgot to put the stairs down!?!”@jay_the_potato5 hilariously wrote. LOL

It may seem a little scary to have foldable stairs but with a design this simple and convenient it’s a great idea.