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To Make Pleats In Fabric, Apparently All You Need Is a Fork

This is like magic.

Tailoring and sewing - even if it is just a loose button on a shirt or pants - can be intimidating. Especially operating a sewing machine. But it doesn't have to be. There are some hacks to incorporate to be able to sew effortlessly and clean, such as this cardboard trick.

As cosplayer and TikToker Kaity Bower (@kaitybower) shares in her video, there are even simpler tricks when it comes to sewing. 


I might not be an expert in sewing but I think I could swing this hack myself. All you need is a fork. Maybe a fork, you can dedicate solely to sewing? That way it won't be mixed up with the other ones used for consuming food. I don't know about you but I am particular when it comes to having separate utensils for different things. All you have to do is swirl the fabric onto the fork and start sewing. That way it is lined up and you create a pattern as well. In this case, pleats. Pleats are considered a doubling or a fold of fabric that is then pressed, creased, ironed, or stitched to be set in place. You can often find pleats on vintage skirts or kilts, and dresses, as well as pants. There are 17 different types of pleats that exist in the fashion industry! 

However, let's just start small and continue our pleats with this fork hack.