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Recovering Hoarder Shares Journey to Learn How to Clean

What a vulnerable and brave woman!

Letting go isn’t always easy. Especially if it’s certain items that brings back good memories or simply hold sentimental moments and values. Because of this, it’s especially easy to build a collection of various item and unintentionally become a hoarder. Additionally, if you’re a person that loves to shop, but never follows the “buy one, replace one” rule, this too, can also lead to becoming a hoarder.

However, there are ways to let go of this habit and TikTok content creator @bodemia is sharing her journey of letting go of her shopping addiction and reducing her clutter. We’re tuned in!


Again, letting go of things isn’t easy, but we admire her commitment to doing so. As she mentions in the video, she’ explains that she’s looking for a new healthy hobby that “isn’t going to ruin her life.” She says that many people will argue and say “cleaning isn’t a hobby,” however, she further explains cleaning will introduce her to a new skillet and bring her enjoyment especially because she’s a recovering shopping addict that also doesn’t know how to clean. Furthermore, cleaning was used as a form of punishment towards her while growing up so she wants to develop a healthier mindset toward cleaning.

Thankfully, she made this video because a lot of her followers flooded the comment section saying they agreed with her and how cleaning also helped them deal with their own issues as well.

Wishing her and everyone else joining her on this cleaning journey much luck in the process!