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Farmer Grows a Literal Frankenstein Pumpkin and We’re Shook

We can’t believe how cool this looks!

I LOVE Halloween. Everything about it, from the costumes kids wear as they drop by for candy to the decorations everyone in my neighborhood puts up. One of my favorite things, though, has always been carving pumpkins. But I will always admit there is so much mess to deal with, and I am not the greatest artist regarding tiny knives and thick pumpkin rinds. I try my best, but somehow my pumpkins always look like a toddler did them than a grown adult.

But one clever creator has figured out a way to skip that hassle entirely. May I introduce you to Franken-pumpkin.


Let’s start with the brilliant yet simple idea that came to us from TikTok creator City_Amish_Homesteading. This small family lives close to a city but grows most of their food, giving them ample opportunity to experiment with fun gardening tips. One experiment had them grow a pumpkin in a Frankenstein’s monster mold from the previous year. When I heard about this hack, I thought there was no way it could work. Pumpkins are large and round and would just bust through any mold.

But this creator proved me wrong. The video reveals a perfectly Frankensteined pumpkin, perfect for any Halloween-themed porch. You don’t even have to cut off the top or cut out any shapes if you don’t want to; just put the pumpkin in the mold while small and let it grow until it fills the molded space.

Luckily it seems like many commenters are in the same boat as me, with many not believing that the hack would work until the reveal. Many more are exclaiming about how they want to try this for themselves, with now being the perfect time to do so before the holiday season.

Of course, this also brings to mind this question: what else can I do? Okay, off to buy some watermelon seeds and a unicorn mold (or dozen!)