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This Man's Southern Gothic Inspired Free Furniture Flip Will Blow Your Mind

You won't believe this was free from FB!

Some of the best things in life are free, wouldn’t you agree? Even better if you can take that something free and make something even more spectacular out of it! This is a big part of thrifting or flipping old furniture and such, though usually, that involves at least a little bit of money exchanging hands.

But what if we were to tell you that one brilliant creator took a free-off-Facebook-marketplace hutch and turned it into a jaw-droppingly gorgeous gothic-inspired drink display? It’s true, and you can check it out here!


TikTok channel TheGrimmRemains has a pattern of taking old, more traditional styled pieces and completely flipping them into something way darker and, in our opinion, way cooler. You can go through their channel to find a lot of these flips, which we highly recommend!

Recently the creator was able to receive a completely free, and quite large, hutch off of Facebook marketplace, but the entire look simply did not work. Too clean, too white, too ‘pretty’. So he decided to change ALL of that. The very first thing he did was cut off the entire top part of the hutch, leaving him with two separate, and more manageable, pieces to work with.

Both get a brand new coat of black paint, while the top of the bottom piece gets sanded down and its wood grain recoated with some varnish that helps bring out the deep ‘true’ tones of the original wood. Meanwhile the top gets the same treatment, though the backboards are left a dark brown both to help break up the unrelenting black and to give your eyes something else to be drawn to.

The pieces are then put back together, and the creator sets the entire look up - complete with bar utensils, liquor bottles, some tiny candles for added effect, and various bits and bobs that take it into the truly ‘gothic’ category. And we, for one, absolutely love it!

Guess its time for us to go check out our own local marketplace as well!