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Here's How To Score Free(ish) Plants From Home Depot

Keep your eyes peeled during your next Home Depot trip.

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We need to start this out by saying we don't condone stealing. That being said, when fate extends a harmless opportunity, we are saying that it might be a good idea to seize it. At big box stores there is a lot of material and product that passes through, and there is a margin of error for damages incurred during shipping and set up. When the "products" are plants, sometimes thinks tear and break off.

A Home Depot employee may regard this as waste, but what is one man's trash is another plant parent's treasure. TikTok account aptly named @free.plants.forever showed followers exactly how to take advantage of the "waste" lying around a Home Depot lot. 

That's right: the lot might be a haven for a propagation opportunities. This person was looking around for a propagatable dropped leaf and found a donkey tail succulent hiding among other plants. So they scooped it up and took it home along with a zucchini plant they scored as well.

Propagating a plant can be a really rewarding experience. There are so many ways to make it happen, from direct soil to water propagation. Make sure you can identify the plant you're taking home to maximize it's potential.