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Mom Comes Up With Brilliant Way to Keep Track of Frozen Foods In Deep Freezer

For anyone who likes to stock up, this is a must-do DIY project

I have a love/hate relationship with the grocery shopping. On one hand, I love having a kitchen full of food, but on the other hand, I despise having to go out and actually get the food. The most annoying thing about grocery shopping is having to go back to the grocery store to get something that I didn’t know we needed because the inventory changed somewhere between making the list and actually going to the grocery store. Thankfully, I found the perfect solution to this problem.

Recently, I came across this TikTok video from @amanda_cleans that will ensure I will never have to make multiple trips to the grocery store in the same day again!


This method is so brilliant! On one side of the laminate paper, she wrote a freezer inventory and on the opposite side, she started a grocery store list and left space to encourage other household members to write what needs to be replaced as things are eaten throughout the week. This is so smart! Her method of creating this involves you to get minimally crafty, but if you don’t have laminate paper around the house, purchasing a white board and placing it on your fridge will work just as well.

The comments section was filled people suggesting she could have simply wrote on the freezer rather than using laminate paper, however, if you have a textured fridge or would rather not write on your fridge in general, then this is a great option that ensures an item won’t get left off your grocery list again!