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Woman Shows Us How To Use Our Fridge Drawers the Correct Way

...So this is how those drawers work

The refrigerator is the juggernaut of the kitchen. We depend on it so much to keeps our milks cold and our foods fresh. It’s one of those staple home appliances that we can’t be without if for some reason it stops working, so that’s why we have to carefully choose which refrigerator to invest in that not only fits perfectly in that little nook in your kitchen, but also one that fits your lifestyle as well.

If you’re someone that eats fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, but still need a great option to store the remainder of what you don’t eat, then it’s best to get a fridge that has drawers that will help you with humidity and moisture control. And if you’re confused as to what we’re talking about, then allow TikTok user @newlifestyle explain the purpose of the refrigerator drawers. Yep, those drawers so a lot more just than hold random eats in your fridge!


Okay, so our minds are blown! We had no idea this is exactly how you use these refrigerator drawers. The low humidity is perfect for things that rot easily because it keeps the vent nice and open, while the high humidity is designed for anything that wilts because it closes the vent and keeps your vegetables like kale, spinach and other leafy greens from wilting. Keeping this in mind prevents your food from spoiling quicker than normal and helps save you money.

Welp, the more you know folks! We appreciate @newlifestyle for changing our lives with this kitchen tip!