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This Front Porch Transformation Went 0-100 Real Quick!

The ultimate porch facelift.
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A front porch is like the smile of a home. Depending on how you decorate and design your front porch- the textiles you choose, decorations to place, paint colors to go with it, and picking out stone, concrete, or wood for flooring- it creates a welcoming (or unwelcoming) entry way into your home.

If you own a home and the front porch is not necessarily the vibe you love, or the welcoming you want your guest to have you aren't stuck with it, even the hardest of materials- like concrete- can be DIYed and transformed into the front porch of your dreams. This is exactly what TikToker and home DIYer @kellybazzle has done. She transformed her concrete porch and the results are shocking- in the best way possible.

The woman took her precious skinny concrete patio and flipped it into a beautiful gray brick patio. The process was hard, maybe a little daunting, but the results are so incredible.

For the process the woman first gives the porch a good cleaning- with a broom sweep and a pressure washing- and then she gets sections of gray stone connected on sheets. She lays all the stones sheet sections out and cuts pieces to fit in odd areas. After fitting all the stone the woman mixes mortar and fillings in all the cracks, sponging off the stones as she goes.

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