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Prepare to Be Mesmerized: Woman Finds Rare Frost Flowers on Hike and They’re Breathtaking

If you come across them, revel in that little miracle.

I want to start this off by saying that I live in a southern state that doesn’t see a lot of snow or even frost, at least most of the time. That means the flowers that we get usually grow a fair bit of the year, and while we may get a pocket of cold here and there during the deepest parts of the winter, it typically is barely enough to bring the flowers in and wrap up your pipes.

So when I came across a video that talked about ‘frost flowers’, I literally had no idea what to expect. But I am so glad that TikTok creator Manon Ward not only took the time to spot these beauties but also share them with the rest of the world!


If you are like me, then you have no idea what a frost flower is. As Manon shares, these ‘flowers’ only grow under the absolute perfect conditions, and when they are spotted, they should be treasured for how rare and beautiful they are.

But what exactly are these flowers? Well, as most of us know, flowers store water inside their stems - water that typically goes to helping them grow or survive the winter weather. Under certain conditions, such as a first freeze that isn’t too, too cold, this water expands and pushes out through the stem, creating ribbons of frost and ice that spill out in delicate and beautiful shapes.

Now, the petals of these flowers are extremely delicate - pick them up and they are likely to crumble like the frost that it is, and sunlight will quickly melt them into nothing. But they are still beautiful, perhaps even more so because they are so fleeting.

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