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This Frozen Spoon Hack Is Perfect If You Missed Out On Sleep The Night Before

This is so easy and has a ton of benefits!

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Whether your a parent to a new bundle of joy or had to pull an all-nighter studying for an exam, we’ve all experienced a night when we didn’t get as much sleep as we needed and our bags under our eyes reflected it.

Thankfully, there’s a remedy to combat those tired, puffy eyes and not only does it work and offer benefits when used regularly, but it’s absolutely free! Find out more about this home remedy from TikTok content creator @foxcraftcustom below.


As seen in the video, she mentions frozen spoons are a great way to help anyone with tired eyes, especially hungover adults. She also noted that you get a glass, fill it with ice and a little bit of water and then add a couple of spoons inside; and if you can add slices of cucumber to the glass, that’ll make the quick DIY facial even better since cucumbers can help hydrate eyes and reduce dark circles and inflammation. Leave the frozen spoons on your eyes for a few minutes and soon, you’ll be good to go!

We love how this hack offers so many benefits and doesn’t cost anything to try! We’re actually looking forward to trying this ourselves! Have you tried this beauty hack yet?