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Woman’s DIY Froot Loop Mirror Looks Good Enough to Eat

This is super creative

Growing up, Froot Loops was easily one of the most popular cereals amongst school-aged kids. Its’ fruity taste, sweet smell and the memorable Toucan mascot made the well-loved cereal a breakfast staple for kids getting ready for school in the morning and sometimes a mid-day snack for adults. So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing its’ resurgence across social media, however, it’s not in the way you may be thinking.


As you can see in the video that’s already amassed over one million views since being posted yesterday by TikTok content creator @kaarinjoy, she isn’texactly eating this fruity, nostalgic cereal, instead she’s making DIY art with it! To make this creative DIY, she used light weight spackle, fake Froot Loops purchased from Etsy, a six-inch mirror, and a bowl and spoon purchased from Target

To actually create the Froot Loops mirror, she placed the lightweight spackle into the bowl and used a silicone spatula to spread it evenly throughout the bowl to make it look like cereal milk in a bowl. Next, she placed the mirror on top of the spackle in the center of the bowl and strategically placed the fake froot loops throughout the space surrounding the mirror. Afterwards, she simply “dipped” the spoon into the spackle to give it the appearance of a spoon in milk. Finally, she let the project dry before using heavy duty command strips to hang on her wall and we love it!

This easy DIY looks so good, literally!