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People Keep Stealing From Woman's Fruit Tree and She Has the Sweetest Response

There are still good folks out there.

With an increase in gas prices, cost of food, and the cost of living in general, it’s unfortunate that many people are experiencing hard times right now. With the cost of gas across the U.S. averaging to over $4 a gallon and food necessities such as fresh fruits and vegetables at an all-time high, I completely understand why there’s been an increase of people opting to start a garden rather than going to a grocery store and paying expensive prices, especially with needing gas to get to the grocery store.

However, some people who are going through difficult times aren’t fortunate enough to have the space or the resources to grow their own fruits and vegetables and as a result, they do what they feel is necessary and take from those who are able to produce a garden.

Such is the case here with popular TikToker @rclbeauty101, whose fruit tree on her front lawn is quite the attraction, it has many people stopping to help themselves without her permission.


Captured by her property video footage, we clearly see a couple of people walk and drive up to her front yard, take the fruit and run. However, rather than file a complaint or stick a “No trespassing” sign up in her yard, she actually places a few brown paper bags on the tree that reads “Here’s a bag. Take some (and make sure to leave for other people).” In the followup video, it appears the bags encouraged more people to show up and take what they need, and one person even brought their own reusable bag.

It’s already hard enough as is, but how nice of her to make people feel less guilty for doing this.

So sweet! We’re here for the humanity.