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Daddy and Daughter Make the Cutest Giant Snowman Out of White Cups

This looked like a fun project.

Every once in a while you see a project online that you just have to repeat for yourself. Maybe it's a cool Christmas tree collar that you never knew you needed in your life up until now, or randomly picking up macrame or some other project!

Well, I came across one recently, all thanks to the creators over at Diekubis, and you can bet that it is one I will be doing with my own kiddo as it gets closer to Christmas!


So what is this creator making? Well, that would just so happen to be a gigantic snowman but instead of using snow, this father-daughter duo is using plastic cups! Yes, the kind that you probably have already bought a million of in preparation for all the people that will be coming in and out of your house over the holiday season.

The pair start off by sitting down and stapling together cup after cup in rings that build on top of one another. The bottom of the snowman takes shape first, the biggest ‘ball’ for the bottom, before the slightly smaller middle, and the even smaller top follow after. Each of the shapes are then stacked on top of one another, just like a real snowman only way lighter and a lot less cold, creating that iconic shape that most of us know and love!

But the two aren’t done there! After all, there is still a face and accessories to go! Black circles are cut out of construction paper and glued into some of the cups to create the button along his belly and his eyes, before they also create a happily smiling mouth, a ‘carrot’ for a nose, and, finally, a top hat and scarf!

Overall the snowman looks totally adorable and won’t disappear with a little too much sun, making this the perfect Christmas craft, in my opinion!

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