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Watch As This Woman Creates The Most Fun Candle Any Female Needs

Who’s is thirsty?

If you're still looking for some Christmas gift ideas, why not create some DIY candles? But not just any candle, a candle your girlfriends would appreciate the most and would probably wish, was real.

TikTok creator @cherry.l.a.d.y shares a fun DIY candle project that you could do together with your girlfriends, over a bottle of vino. 

The Sex & The City theme song is more than appropriate!

This is probably the most fun DIY candle project I've ever seen. 

All you need to create this is a wine glass or a type of glass that will sustain heat, a base - which looks like air dry clay, candle wax in burgundy, a cotton wick, and some paint. 

Although the video received over 90K likes, the comments were not so positive. Many TikTokers had the same opinion, saying that this DIY candle project is as "basic" as having a sign in your home that says "Live, Love, Laugh." Others thought it was impractical and that using a real wine glass is a bad idea, as wine glasses can't take any heat, and would explode. 

I am not sure, she used a real wine glass but it is recommended to use something that can sustain heat. 

And if you feel like this design might be a little too bulky, you can totally customize it to your liking. The options are endless when it comes to DIY candles, even candles that look like a glass of wine. And if anything fails, you can just use an empty wine bottle as a candle holder.

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