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Amazon Delivery Guy Understood the 'Assignment' When Husband Unexpectedly Opens Door

The wife owes him a big favor!

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What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained and an Amazon delivery driver on TikTok hilariously embodied that statement. While making a delivery to one of his customers, the delivery driver peeped a doormat that gave him specific instructions regarding the delivery and what happens next is hilarious!


In the funny video uploaded by TikTok user @jaffycreeks, which already has over one million views and thousands of comments all sharing the same amusing sentiments, the delivery driver proves he clearly understood the assignment after peeping the doormat that read “Hide packages from husband.” 

However, it wasn’t until after he rang the doorbell that he noticed the mat and quickly hides the package behind the plant on the porch. Ironically, the husband answered the door before the driver could escape the potentially awkward interaction. After greeting the driver and asking if he had any packages, the delivery driver hilariously responded saying “No, I don’t. I’m just here to tell you about the historic gospel about Jesus Christ…sorry to bother you.”

We’re in tears over here! It’s legit funny! And the viewers agree.

“I’m cackling “the historic gospel of Jesus Christ' sent me,” says one Tiktok commenter. Another viewer said “ In his Amazon outfit … uhh I’m here to talk to you about the historic gospel of Jesus Christ .. lol.” One TikTok viewer hilariously commented “Suddenly he's delivering word of the God,” while another view mentioned “Bro took the wife's side. legit!!!!LOL.”

Major props to the delivery driver for not only understanding the wife’s assignment but doing so in a very amusing way that made us all LOL.