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Woman Has Hysterical Way Of Deciding Her Weekend Chores

Was iffy there for a second...

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Imagine you worked all week, and now you have two days off because it is the weekend, your laundry is piling up and you can see some dust bunnies flying around. What do you do? Mop the floors, or relax instead? Tough decision, we know!

Meet TikToker Tiffany Winkler (@tiffanywinkler1), who came up with a genius hack so the Universe - or in this case her door stopper - would decide for her, as she shares in her video.


This is just brilliant! As you can see, Tiffany created some sort of decision-making board game, with three rows that read; "Do the laundry," "Watch Netflix and drink wine," and "Clean the house." then she wiggled her door stopper, placed the sheet under it and let the door stopper decide. Funny enough, the stopper always stops in the middle, therefore, it is pretty clear what Tiffany will be doing on the weekend. Still hilarious! Also, this can work for many other scenarios, where you might need help making a decision. 

However, another option would be to just go down that list, and do laundry first, clean the apartment, do other chores you might need to get out of the way, and then as a reward, treat yourself to some Netflix and wine, and maybe even some take out. Because let's be honest here, if you don't do it now it will only accumulate, and by next weekend you have double the trouble of chores you didn't want to do in the first place.

Just saying! But we love this idea!