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Man Devilishly Pranks Brother and His Fiance By Hiding a “Cricket” In Living Room

These poor souls are going to lose their minds looking for that noise.
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Ah nothing quite like the annoyance of crawling in your warm bed after a long day of work to hear a mouse nibbling on something in your closet, knowing it probably already has established a home in your cashmere sweater. Or pouring yourself a glass or rośe, grabbing a blanket and walking out to the screened-in porch to relax and unwind to be greeted by a little insect hidden in the shadows screaming the most annoying chirp for the entire duration of your “chill time”.

What's worse than little critters placing themselves in your space and being annoying? Someone pranking you… with a fake chirping cricket… in your living room… somewhere impossible to find. Which is exactly the prank TikToker @coryj1984 has played on his brother and his brother's fiancé, just in time for the Holidays.

The tiny little chirping device the brother oh so sneakily hides is called the “Frickin’ Cricket” and with one click of a button the small square device sounds a chirping cricket noise that does not stop until you find it and click the button again.

He clicks the button, sounds cricket chirps and sticks the sound bar on the back side of the base of the Christmas tree stand… somewhere it probably won't be found.

Oh how we feel for his brother and his brother's fiancé, imagine waking up with your coffee going to the living room to hangout by the Christmas Tree and watch some T.V. to ripping the entire room apart to look for a tiny cricket… yeah this is not going to be a fun ride for them. RIP to the minds of these two.

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