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Couple Leaves Heart-Attack Inducing Surprise For Future Owners Under New Floors

Whoever has the pleasure of redoing this floor is going to be met with a startling surprise.

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No matter how much you love it, renovations can be a lot, both physically and emotionally. It's a big job on your own personal, sacred space, so you want to be sure you're doing a good job and doing it with love. So giving yourself permission to have a little fun is more than ok, it's encouraged.

If you're coming up short on how to have fun in such a scenario, take a page from this couple's book. Kelsey and Ryan of TikTok's @newbuild_newlyweds was redoing their floors when inspiration struck. 


Underneath the new floorboards on their subflooring, they decided to paint a fake crime scene chalk outline. Ryan laid down on the floor as Kelsey took a wide brush and traced his outline. Once he took a step back, it totally looked legitimate.

Followers joked that in 20 or more years new owners were going to be running to resell thinking there was a major crime. Of course, this was done all in good fun, and we would hope the new owners could take it in stride if they found it. We sure hope this helps us play the long game and we get to see how this plays out on some sort of social media platform years to come.