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Funny Dad Lovingly Roasts Wife Who Turns Into A #PlantMom Every Spring

We'd bet there are a lot of wives out there who are feeling personally attacked right about now.

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Listen, I'm not one hundred percent certain we aren't all just living the same lives out here. Recently Taylor Calmus, aka "The Dude Dad," imitated what his wife is like the moment it turns into spring, and he easily could have been teasing me (an utter stranger). His one-man-show skit was perfectly executed from the beginning cycle of wanting to buy every plant in the nursery to the heartache of losing one of your plant babies. 


Calmus is one of the internet's most favorite dads, as he often brilliantly pantomimes what goes on between married couples. His gentle teasing of his wife Heidi is reciprocated back, as all of these "stereotypes" are good hearted nudges at each other's quirks. And she certainly didn't mind. 


In this particular video he absolutely roasts her for having a pattern surrounding plants. Donning a badly placed wig and a signature mom athleisure outfit, he takes us through every stage of wanting to nest and grow your garden. "She" starts out completely hopeful and happy and then by mid summer, the entire thing is in shambles. The plants are dead, her garden is smashed and the bees she tried to "plant for" are driving her crazy. 

Sound familiar?

Here's to hoping you don't go into debt at your local nursery and your plants last longer than "Heidi's!"