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Woman Hilariously ‘Decodes’ What Décor Styles Say About Home Owners and It’s Too Accurate

Tip #1: “Live, Laugh, Love” people are crying for help.

If you are anything like us, you’ve put a lot of time, effort, and thought into what goes on in your house. Everything from the carpet to the paint on the walls to the kitchen island countertops you have thoroughly deliberated, thought out, purchased, and put into place. But did you know that your picks could also say a lot about you? Yes! Your decor choices could reflect your inner self, as one TikTok user creatively pointed out.


Today we’ve got Annie K Shaffer coming to us with some witty, engaging, and downright hard-hitting (at times) look into what the decor we’ve picked for our houses says about us. So let’s see what is first up on the list… Word art! I’m not the type of person to have a lot of word art on my walls, but I have a few friends. And, looking back at what Annie has said about those with this type of decor… Yeah, it fits.

Next up is all pink decor. Again, not something I’m personally into, but Annie once again seems to nail it right on the head when she says that those who decorate in pink might be a bit more high maintenance and very hard to lock down or impress. There’s a lot more in the short video, including all blue decor and those who decorate with a ton of plants, and the insights, while funny, are also pretty spot on.

And commenters are flocking in, asking for Annie’s insights on their decor. Everything from ‘all Halloween decorations all year-round’ to ‘Hobby Lobby farmhouse decor’ has been requested, and we can’t wait to see what Annie’s take on these trends are.