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Ring Camera Catches Hilarious Drunk Couple Stumbling Up to Wrap House

We’ve all been there before...

Ring cameras can catch some of the funniest videos. Circumstances that would have otherwise gone unnoticed are captured in perfect clarity, and what we are left with are the most hilarious moments that we can laugh at later.


This is the exact thing that happened to one TikTok creator, Sophie Sciascia, when her Ring camera captured a… somewhat inebriated couple as they wandered past her door. The camera catches the two wandering up to her door, with only the slightest of stumbles, before they begin trying to get into the home.

Now, this wouldn’t ordinarily be funny, and we’d typically be pretty scared of a pair of strangers wandering up to our door and trying to get in, but there’s a little bit more to the story here. You see, the male in the video turns to his companion and asks for the key to the home, only for her to respond, wondering why she would have the key.

It seems like a few drinks are all it takes for these two to forget that neither one of them live in the house they are now attempting to enter. You can literally see them both start questioning everything, why they are here, the answers to life itself, and by this point we are just laughing at the poor couple, standing out in the cold and obviously very, very confused.

The two take off shortly, more annoyed at each other and the circumstances, thankfully, but we are left with the hilarious reminder that drinking and finding your way home might not be the smartest idea, even if you have someone there ‘helping’ you.