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Man Makes Brother-In-Law’s Gift Hilariously Impossible to Open

We’d honestly just regift at this point.

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Everyone knows the joy that comes from the Christmas holiday besides friends and family gathering together for the annual occasion is the excitement we get from opening gifts. The anticipation of what you’re actually receiving is enough excitement alone, but when you find out it’s something that you really want, that excitement intensifies.

Well, unfortunately for the brother of TikTok user @lilwitz1 he won’t experience the excitement feeling from finding out what his gift is from his brother-in-law since he made it practically impossible for him to open!

So according to @lilwitz1, this is their third year of going through the “gift wrap debacle" and honestly her husband’s dedication to making the gift impossible is hilarious! We love how he’s so “extra” between using the board and superglue to ensure the gift is thoroughly wrapped and will likely take her brother a while to open.

Unsurprisingly, we’re not the only people who were amused by this debacle. Folks took to the comment section to share their thoughts. “My dad did something similar to me last Christmas and I spent so long opening it to get an expired piece of chocolate…” @legit.cookies shared. “No thanks! I can’t think of anything I need that bad,” @1234556croll wrote. “Everyone saying they wouldn’t open it but i LOVE getting gifts like this. feels like a reward when i open it faster than they thought i could,” @gelatocum shared.

We can admit we like the idea of this considering it’ll initially be exciting to try and open, but after a while, it’s on to the next thing. LOL.

Would you mind receiving a gift that’s impossible to open?

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