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Wife Overhears Husband Telling Neighbors About Their “Magical” Floor That Never Gets Dirty

Now she can’t decide if she should let him believe the lie or tell him the truth

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It takes a lot of time, sweat, and effort to keep our homes even remotely clean. Even if you do a little bit each and every day and use every trick available to you, you’re probably going to be dumping several hours each week into maintaining even the smallest of spaces. And each of us deserve respect and appreciation for said time and effort!

But it is also kind of funny what some people believe about our cleaning capabilities; just ask Shay of the Shay.nanigans channel on TikTok when she found out what her husband believed about their ultra-clean floors!


You see, Shay and her husband have a larger house, and that house has a ton of beautiful wood floors. But anyone who has similar floors knows exactly how much it takes to clean the darn things and make sure that they stay clean. Most of us would wind up sweeping and mopping at least once a week, if not more.

And Shay does this as well! In fact, she even says that she can get a bit sweaty from just how much effort it takes to clean said floors! But then she overheard her husband talking to their neighbors and he was simply raving about their floors.

But he wasn’t necessarily raving about Shay’s cleaning abilities. No, he was talking about how he wasn’t sure whatsoever what kind of floors they had, just that they were terribly easy to keep clean! In fact, they never needed to be cleaned at all, they simply were always so beautiful and shiny.

Yes, you can facepalm now.

Now, while I don’t know if Shay’s husband is a little bit blind or just super busy taking care of other things, but obviously floors have to be cleaned, and if he isn’t doing it, he should wonder who was! Maybe Shay should just stop cleaning for a bit - just to see what happens.

For scientific purposes, of course.

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