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Husband Secretly Hires Cleaning Ladies and Tries to Pass It Off As His Own Handy Work

He’s trying to get the “OK” to go to a bachelor party.

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Doing chores in the house is not everyone's forte, and sometimes help is needed. Whether that is hiring a cleaning crew or paying your younger siblings, as long as the job is getting done. 

TikToker Natalie (@natalieaguilars) could sing a song about that, as she shares a funny video, exposing her dad and his sneaky cleaning tricks. 


A pretty smart- and bold move to make. What if his wife was at home instead of his daughter?

All he wanted to do is go to a bachelor party. So he worked hard for it, by hiring two cleaning ladies to get the job done, while he was enjoying his day and his wife was probably at work. Little did he know that his daughter was at home, and eventually his silly secret would come to light. He should have taken some cleaning notes from this hubby, at least when it comes to cleaning the sink, as this trick is genius. 

After calling his daughter, and asking if the ladies were at the house cleaning, to which she replied with "yes," he then told her to not tell her mom. Then as soon as he came home, he put some gloves on, pretending he was cleaning their home the entire time. The nerves. 

I am seriously wondering, how many husbands and dads have pulled this trick by hiring someone to do their dirty work?