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Husband Hilariously Impersonates What Wife Is Like Before Guests Arrive and We Feel Seen

"Get up, they are going to be here in 5 hours. Start cleaning!"

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Point of view: Your partner asked some your closest friends to come over for a night of fun and relaxation. You're excited and ready to have a good time. But five hours before the evening even begins, your partner peaks their head around the doorway .They give you that look, and you know: Getting to the fun tonight is going to mean putting in a lot of manic work right now. 

At least, that is how it is for husband and wife "Cringe Power Couple" @KayandTay on TikTok. So much so that Taylor, the husband, decided to show his wife and the world just how neurotic she is before guests arrive. And truthfully, we'd bet a lot of y'all are going to feel called out. 


In the video, Taylor hilariously impersonates his wife from the moment se wakes up on a guest arrival day. There are a ton of funny and relatable scenarios that play out, like "her" wiping down spots literally no onw will see and claiming that they are filthy people (guilty). Or getting last minute anxiety after doing a ton of work then wondering if they should cancel.

Sometimes we need to just laugh at ourselves, and these two seem like they are both extremely good at doing that.