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Mom Comes Up With Genius Hack to Get House Clean and Keep Kids Entertained

She’s definitely got the right idea.
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I have a very distinct memory of when I was younger, my parents got a bunch of dirt delivered for the landscaping in our backyard. For some reason the dirt had a bunch of trash it in, tiny candy wrappers, pieces of styrofoam, old cups, and some things we couldn;t even tell what they were. My parents would tell us to go outside, dig through the dirt piles and see what “treasures” we could collect. Now looking back I’m pretty sure they tricked us into doing their dirty work, they made us believe it was a fun game when in reality we were just pulling gross trash out of dirt.

I’ve always heard parents joke about having kids to help do chores around the house, and the more you have the more that gets done… clearly this is a joke but if the shoe fits right?

TikToker and mom @kristin_twomey posted a hilarious TikTok video showing how she keeps her tiny kiddo entertained and gets some free cleaning done all at the same time.

The woman gives her 17 month baby girl a small tupperware of soapy water and a scrub brush. The baby girl perched on a towel sitting on the floor uses the brush to scrub away at the cabinets while the mom gets ready for the day. About 45 minutes later the mom is ready, the kid has been entertained, and the cabinet is sparkling clean.

Yet another great example of parents winning.

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