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Cabin With 'Live, Laugh, Love' Signs Everywhere Is in Need of a Serious 'Karen' Exorcism

No one can "Live, Laugh, Love" quite like a middle-aged woman.

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The motto "Live, Laugh, Love" is unbiasedly a really good one to have. It's simple, easy to remember and hones in on the most important values to have in life. What started out as some uplifting décor turned into an obsession, particularly amongst middle-aged white women. Suddenly every HomeGoods and TJMaxx was filled to the brim with this stuff. 

While some went with a dish towel or two emblazoned with this motto, other leaned in. Mirrors, night lights, sheets, curtains... you can get anything with that saying on it. And apparently one "Karen" with a cabin went and did just that. 


EVERYWHERE these two turned in their snowy cabin, they were assaulted with that motto. And no, that isn't an exaggeration. It was all over the place from the trinkets to the floor mats. The hilarious video shows a guy overwhelmingly pointing out how many of them there are, and even noting when the words switch order. 

We don't like to knock anyone's style choices but perhaps this persona could cool it on the motto decorations? All it takes is one or two for people to get the gist.