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Mom Gets Real About Why She Isn’t Bothering to Decorate for Fall

Don’t let TikTok trick you into chasing autumnal aesthetics.

Just because the fall season has just started and everyone is in decorating spirits and busy with DIY projects that include fall-, Halloween-, Thanksgiving-, and Christmas decorations, doesn't mean everyone has to jump on the same bandwagon. If I had a house, kids, and time I would probably invest all my free time into decking out my home for every holiday starting after Labor Day but all that seems pointless, having only a small studio apartment.

This TikTok mom Kristen (@drivingmomcrazyblog) feels the same way and shares her honest opinion on why she doesn't lift a finger for the fall season.


Didn't expect that but it is indeed relatable and super funny! At least she is being honest about what her home really looks like and doesn't try to impress anyone with a picture-perfect home and amazing decorations. If you are a busy mom, who's maybe a single parent and you have more than one kid around, any household task can become slightly challenging, not to mention starting any DIY project. Even convincing your kids to do DIY projects with you can be daunting, especially when they are smaller and can't grasp the concept of crafty projects, which could also end up being quite messy. Decorations make sense though if you can reuse them and if they last for a few years to come, otherwise it is just a waste of money.

Although maybe messy, this mom's home is still cute!