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Mom Convinces Husband She Trapped a Mouse In a Bowl and Well, Technically She Didn’t Lie

He was not expecting that.

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Being cooped up at home - such as during the pandemic - will make some people experience cabin fever, for sure. This also applies to most parents who are at home with a sick child, for days on end.

Such as TikTok creator and mom, @lauren_h93, who was catering to her sick child. However, this didn't stop her from pranking her husband in the most hilarious and honest way possible. Let's check it out.

Hilarious! And certainly believable.

In the video, she goes,

"Oh, my gosh! [...] There's a mouse under the bowl!"

Her husband then immediately appears and goes,

"I thought something really happened."

Which she replied in shock,

"What do you mean? Really happened?"

Her husband continues,

"I thought you dropped him, or there's someone in the house."

And Lauren goes,

"There's a mouse in the house!"

Hilarious dialogue! This could be in an episode of Friends or another sitcom. 

As you can see in the video, she freaks out and tells him to remove the mouse with the bowl, bring it outside, and then confirm it's a mouse - which he did. And, it turns out it is indeed a mouse, a computer mouse!

Now it's his turn to prank her. 

The TikTok community was also amused by this.

As TikToker @ambermarie8876 wrote,

"Well played. Loved it."


This TikToker (@adaliiaa99) posted,

"Get this girl her OSCAR NOW!"

Yes! Agreed!

Another TikToker (@whattoexpect) said,

"A+ for the acting."

The acting was certainly superb.

And TikToker @rochellefrechette commented,

"You tricked ME. I wasn't paying attention."

I got tricked too into believing this is real! Only because I've caught a few mice in my old New York City apartments in the past, so this reaction is relatable. 

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