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Man Promises Husband He Will Buy Him Whatever Plants He Can Carry, and He Gets Pretty Creative

“Gotta read the fine print…”

For most plant parents, you can never have enough plants. As a matter of fact, you’re always on the prowl for more, seeing what you can find for a good deal or walking around checking for any loose leaves that you can possibly propagate. Hey, we get it.

While some plant parents are always keeping their eyes open for a good deal, Darcy of TikTok account @thedarcymichael received a superb deal from his husband where he was able to buy as many plants as he could carry! And turns out, he was able to “carry” more than his husband initially thought!


Starting off the video, Darcy’s husband, Jer, tells him he will buy Darcy all the plants he can carry, to which Darcy responded surprisingly and began to formulate his plan. As he was looking around the plant nursery, Darcy whipped out a reusable bag from his back pocket and started placing some of his plants in there while shocking his husband at the same time. See, his husband didn’t specify any rules, so technically he is “carrying” the plants with a little assistance. He’s clever.

He was able to get quite a few beautiful plants including a great-smelling lavender plant that he used his mouth to carry. LOL.

In the end, Darcy told his husband, “You gotta read the fine print.”

I’m sure his husband will be very specific next time!