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Woman Hysterically Does Covert Operation to Sneak Fallen Plant Leaf Out of Store

Don't try this at home, kids...

So who hasn’t wandered through the aisles at our local store, say your big box store or even the home improvement store down the road, and seen leaves, stems, and more littered all over the ground? You go through the garden section, and it's like a tornado blew through, leaving all sorts of plant parts scattered about.

Now, while most of us just see some useless trash lying around, one TikTok creator saw an opportunity. Insert a little Mission Impossible music.


Renee Lechner, like many of us, saw a stem of a Monstera plant on the ground at her local Home Depot. Unlike many of us, she decided this was the perfect opportunity to propagate her own plants at home. We get one shot of said stem lying on the ground, broken off of the rest of the plant, then the next shot is of Renee outside. At first, you might wonder where exactly the stem went until she slides down her zipper to reveal the plant-heist she’s just committed.

What many of us may not realize is that sometimes plant stems like this can be used to propagate a new plant, or in this case (since there was no node), at least just have a pretty leaf to display. Renee appears to be happy enough with her one stalk and leaf, even when commenters were pointing out that it wouldn’t grow any further than that.

Now, we aren’t recommending anyone go out and start stealing from their local store. But, as some commenters pointed out, these stems are often simply swept up to be tossed out at the end of the day. Nothing is ever done with them; they are literally considered trash. Also keep in mind that gardening stores or plant nurseries will come down harder on something like this, as they themselves know how to use these broken stems.

In any case, one home improvement store’s trash turned into one woman’s treasure, and we are totally here for it.