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Woman Gives Old Portrait of Her and Her Sister a Hilarious Makeover

That’s too good.
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One of the most common features you can stumble upon at any Goodwill, thrift, or antique store is the picture frame section. Often filled with jumbo oversized photos of ducks, landscapes, funky designs, florals, and best of all creepy or odd portraits.

Not too much can be done with these portraits and maybe that is why there is an abundance of them in the stack, but one artistic creative @ourladyofneon thought of the most genius way to transform her old portrait of two young girls and it is hilarious.

The woman has hung on her wall a gold framed portrait of two young girls in frilly dresses with a field of flowers behind them. The vibe of the portrait is moments away from serious change.

She takes the portrait down off the wall and lays it on a flat surface, pulls her paint pens out and goes to work. Both the girls in the portrait get blasted with arm tattoos and one gets a helmet with devil horns while the other gets an eye patch. The girl with the devil horns gets a large kitchen knife and the other gets a hood instead of a hand and a pirate skirt dress with a skull belt.

This once delicate girly portrait turned metal, and we are so into it.

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