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This Family’s Fall Photos Are Not Your Typical Pinterest Goals

They are, however, personal family goals.

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Fall is a great time for many of us! Pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather, and of course gathering your entire family together for those pre-holiday family portraits. We are sure that plenty of you out there have memories about said holiday pictures - everything from dressing up in scratchy sweaters when it is still way too hot out to trying to get a toddler to smile instead of scream.

But sometimes you just can’t get those Pinterest-perfect pictures, so why not try something just as cute that doesn’t require a ton of effort?


Katie of Tripp.Photo over on TikTok is a photographer, so she knows all the tips and tricks behind getting that perfect shot. But at the same time she felt that the posed photos were a bit played out. You see them all the time, happy families smiling in a field or at a pumpkin patch, but where is the fun in that?

Well, Katie decided to change all that when it came to her family.

She brought a whole new tradition to her photos with the addition of pumpkins. And not just sitting in front of or on pumpkins, but actually by cleaning out the entire inside of the pumpkin, giving them faces the way you would do with any jack-o-lantern, and wearing them in the pictures!

After a little bit of a show-off where Katie’s husband showed off his pumpkin dancing skills, the entire family settled in on the couch, little bitties included, for a fun family photo. And then more photos are taken around the house, including shots of just the kiddos, and we have to say that they turned out adorable! Definitely family goals for our next photo session!