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Man Makes Giant Hole In the Wall to Access “Secret Room” But It Turns Out to Not Be So Secret

The poor man on the toilet was not amused.

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Who isn’t a fan of the home improvement shows where homeowners find hidden rooms in their houses and transform them into masterpieces? But this story is different because it involves a homeowner and his daughter who wanted to access a “secret room” that wasn’t so secret after all; it was just an enclosed space with no real function.

The man was filmed using a hammer and chisel to punch holes into the drywall, trying to find a secret room where he could find a treasure. But it turns out that there was no treasure-filled space behind the drywall of this building. Instead, there was just another layer of drywall. The man looked very disappointed in himself as he went through this process of poking holes in things only to realize there wasn’t anything interesting behind it all.

The man then used a knife to cut an even bigger square into the wall, which he thought would lead him to a secret room. But the noise he heard didn’t come from within his home—it was from his next-door neighbor taking care of business in the bathroom. 

Plenty of people were just as shocked and amused by this guy’s DIY remodel fail. And also, highly suspicious that this was a parody or skit. Although we can all agree no matter the situation the most shocked person was the guy on the toilet.

"Wow that might be a secret room!! Let’s just break down a random wall that sounds hollow." @Shrtlssbrdn

"The soundproofing on that wall- You're gonna hear every drop, plop and pop." @YourFatherVader


Talk about a great reason to not cut holes in your walls.

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