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This Guy Built a Secret Room to Hide From His Family and It’s Perfect

We all need one for the holiday season!

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When you have a big home - or a small one - and there is just no room to relax and escape your family, you need to build yourself a secret room. Even if it's in the closet, or through a wall armoire.

TikTok creator Drew Dirksen did exactly that, so he can hide from his family, whenever they become too much to handle, and he just needs some peace and quiet. Let's check it out!

This is just brilliant! Behind the mirror! Would you have guessed this?

I'd assume this used to be a closet at one point, as he just added a fake wall and then the mirror.

I'm surprised his mom hasn't found this by now, or his siblings. Someone isn't doing their job, snooping around. The funny part is that his room is actually a "secret room," you can still see the door attached. He just built a fake wall and hung a painting, as he did with the mirror room. 

Pretty cool idea!

TikTok thought this was hilarious, although it was a mix of opinions.

One TikToker (@suckyamam01) wrote,

"I thought it said 'I built a secret room to hide my family'."

That's hilarious! The beauty of words, and how the meaning changes when you play around with them.

TikToker (@mayrushart) posted,

"I need one to hide from intruders."

Such as in the movie Panic Room with Jodie Foster! I definitely agree, with having a secret room for emergencies, such as intruders or family visits.

Another TikToker (@popcornrbx) said,

"You just need to make it soundproof and make a locked room so no one will find you."

Yes, soundproofing is important. It also needs a fridge, a bunch of snacks, and a bathroom attached. As well as a TV, of course.

And TikToker @bayanomega commented,

"I need this."

We all do!

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