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Family Puts Up Fake Tree and Still Gets the “Griswold” Experience

What is that in there?

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The countdown for Christmas has officially started and people go bananas decorating their homes to make them as festive as possible, such as using DIY Christmas garlands. And of course, finding the perfect Christmas tree.

As many people get ready to put up that perfect Christmas tree they found, many people also experience some interesting discoveries. Including TikTok creator Gina, who put up a fake Christmas tree. Let's see what's hiding in there!

Apparently, rodents don't know the difference! 

It looks like a big mouse! My question is how did it get into that fake tree? 

It's an unsolved mystery. 

Maybe that mouse was already making a home at Gina's house and her cats just didn't do a good job catching it. 

According to another video Gina posted, the mouse was set free outside and wasn't harmed, and neither was the Christmas tree that is now outside with the mouse. And it looks like Gina got herself a new fake Christmas tree - hopefully without any more surprises. 

However, TikTok was surprised as well, looking at the comments section. 

As TikToker @misskay_1907 wrote,

"I would have destroyed the whole tree in a panic."

I'm surprised her cats didn't spot the mouse and therefore shredded the tree.

Another TikToker (@ahijanae) posted,

"The way I would’ve simply set the whole tree on fire."

Oh no! That's a terrible idea!

And TikToker @gonedeleted35 said,

"Omg, an ambulance be called for me."

I'm surprised at how many people have a phobia of rodents, which are kind of harmless. I understand if it was a possum or a rat hiding in there, but a tiny mouse?

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