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Man Has the Most Hysterical Tree Topper Only “Schitt’s Creek” Fans Will Love

Ew, David this is so cool.

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Tree toppers. They’re a great way to dress up your Christmas tree and let everyone know how much you love the holiday season. But, honestly, have you ever seen one as funny as this? We didn’t think so! This particular tree-topper has gone viral. Whoever owns this topper is definitely a fan of the CBC show "Schitt's Creek."

The tree topper is based on the "Crow Movie" costume Moira wore in season 3, episode 5. The line with which she explains her choice is one of the most memorable quotes from "Schitt's Creek."

Plenty of people were downright crowing with laughter at the genius hilarity of this tree topper.

"I didn’t know I needed a Moira Rose tree topper but here we are." @Bre P

"Excuse me where did you get that Moira?!" @bewareofbats

Another coined this Christmas tree with a very fitting name, "The Crowmas Tree." @stuck in suburbia

It’s the perfect thing to bring some humor to your holiday season, and it looks like he did a great job putting everything together. The only question is whether or not his partner was willing to help him with this project! We can all agree that this tree is far superior to any other tree out there (as long as there aren’t any birds around).

We can't believe there aren't more of these hilarious toppers out there, but we're glad this creator shared his love of one of the funniest shows out there. 

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