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Woman Hysterically Points Out That Target Is Full of “Twilight” Christmas Decor

All Twi-Hards will appreciate this one

It’s been 10 years since the last “Twilight” movie premiered in theaters, but as with another mega-popular movie franchise, the fans of these popular movies forever remain truly dedicated to their favorites. For many fans, it’s more than just watching the movies, it’s also dressing up as their favorite characters, dedicating rooms in their house to their beloved movie franchise and of course, collecting memorabilia. And this Christmas season, fans of the cult-favorite movie series (also known as “Twi-hards”) will be ecstatic to know that Target is carrying “Twilight” Christmas décor!

Okay, so we know this isn’t exactly officially licensed “Twilight” Christmas decorations, but as pointed out by TikTok user @kerrinotcarrieokay, these random Christmas decorations are obviously “Twilight” themed. While this is meant to be more of a funny video, we can’t help but notice that she’s kind of on point with the correlations between the movie series and the ornaments at the popular retail store.

The first hilarious correlation is the very first ornament she picked up — a classic red truck loaded with Christmas décor in its’ bed, that looked similar to Bella’s truck in the movies. A few other funny “Twilight” ornaments she found was Bella’s Arizona cactus and the festive sign that read “Candy Canes…Sweet Tasty Treat,” the latter in which she hilariously mentioned was Edward’s first thoughts when he met Bella.

While there were many more hilarious “Twilight” references, according to the comment section the Billy Black correlation is the ornament that won the most humorous award.

We have to give it to her, she was hilariously spot on with these “Twilight” themed Target Christmas décor!

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