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Wife Shows The Frustratingly Laughable Different Between Her Side of the Bed and Husband’s

Yeah that looks like a him problem.

Oh husbands, don’t get me wrong we love them but as I said… oh husbands. There's a reason we don’t enter their garage because it's so unorganized but that unorganized mess makes perfect sense to them but causes us immense amounts of stress. We wake up in the morning just to see the pantry with the coffee cups wide open, the bagel bag left on the counter next to the cream cheese that didn’t make it in the fridge. We go to the bathroom to see their towel laying on the ground and their clothes not inside the dirty clothes hamper but instead set right next to it.

Wife and TikTok content creator @jox3mama posted a hilarious video to TikTok showing the long time battle of husband and wife differences that we can relate to all too well. 

This video is absolutely hilarious and is a good reminder that we are not alone. The woman starts out by vacuuming her perfectly tidy side of the bed, creating nice lines in the carpet. She then walks around to the other side of the bed which is stuffed with husbands clothes, backpacks, Crocs, snacks, and water cups.

As funny as this is, I do feel for the woman because I know she has to close their bagels, put the cream cheese away and throw the dirty clothes into the clothes hamper.

On the bright side at least he has kept it all on his side!

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