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Husband Asks Wife Why She’s Measuring Something and Gets the “Response” All Men Fear

Hide those power tools y’all.

There’s always one person in the relationship that loves going to the furniture stores to get the best furniture for their space or simply enjoys adding household items to their Amazon cart and have it delivered to the door step. Of course, every relationship is different, so while we can’t always say rather it’s women or men who typically does this, it’s safe to say that the person who typically walks around the house with the measuring tape randomly measuring something is likely that person in the relationship.

And in this particular case, the wife behind TikTok account @thelearyfam is that person. While she was measuring the wall space underneath the TV, her curious husband asked a simple question and judging by her face, it’s safe to say, those power tools and their bank account aren’t safe!


Looking at her face after her this question “Babe, why are you measuring that?” he already knew the answer. LOL. We’re not sure exactly what she’s up to, but we know she has plans for that empty space and hopefully we’ll be able to get an update soon regarding what she’s planning.

Their followers and viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. “Damn my wallet hurt with that look lol,” @justincamarillo91 wrote. “[That look means she got 3 items in the cart and she measuring to help make the decision,” @funny__clips91 hilariously commented. “She's planning something that will require you to do work,” @almostengr shared.

While we anxiously await to see what she’s up to, we won’t be surprised if the next update we get is of him letting us know he hilariously hid the power tools