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Wife ‘Plants’ Empty Box At Top of Steps To See When Husband Will Notice

So relatable, TBH.

It’s amazing how we’re able to co-exist with our husbands all while being so different, yet the same. We’re sure we can speak for a lot of wives when we say husbands are so simple, except for when it comes time to do even the easiest bit of housework. Seriously, sometimes they can make washing the dishes seem like a science project! It’s hilarious how they can turn the simplest tasks into difficult chores, and that’s if they even start the task.

Take for example TikTok mom and wife @keepingupwiththekandolas who recently uploaded a video showing her husband going through great lengths at times to ignore his empty box of clippers while walking through the house. Seriously, his reaction is so spot on!


LOL. It took five days before he really recognized the empty box. Five days. This is so hilarious and relatable! How many of our husbands would have done something similar? What makes it even more funny, is his attempt to step over the box on day four, rather than simply picking it up. And it’s just as funny on day five when he picked up the empty to move it out of his way, only to sit it back down. Hilarious! The comment section was mixed with some who made light of the video and others who were annoyed that he didn’t just get rid of the box. “Do we all have the same husband, LOL #men,” @rowdyrids commented. “this is absolutely wild to believe it's funny. the underlying issue is weaponizing incompetence he knows and is choosing not to,” @karmaakronicles wrote.

Regardless of the mixed comments, it seems as though the husband and wife got a great laugh out of it, and we did too!