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Wife Unrolls New Mattress And Gets A Major Surprise

That's going to hurt in the morning!

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So by now, we have all had the chance to see those amazing new mattresses that come directly to your door, all rolled up in a bundle and just waiting for you to slice the plastic and let them slowly expand into a full-sized bed. It sure has made getting a new mattress incredibly convenient, but did you know that it might also come with a little extra danger?

That is exactly what one TikTok creator discovered when she was trying to unwrap her own mattress and came face to face with quite a surprise!


Laiv and her wife were recently opening up their brand new mattress and were incredibly excited for the event. After all, who wouldn’t be happy that they were getting a new bed to lay on, especially if their old mattress just wasn’t working anymore? But neither one could have been expecting what would happen next.

Laiv’s wife hunkers down in front of the mattress and carefully cuts it open, being sure not to slice into the foam or fabric itself. Unfortunately, this care has her a little too focused, and she has no way to prepare herself when the mattress violently unrolls itself, slamming into her with all its fluffy strength.

The hit instantly sends the poor woman spilling backwards, flopping flat on her back only for the mattress to continue its attack and pretty much swallow her up entirely. You can see her head smack the ground just before the mattress hides her figure away entirely, and we all let out a collective ‘ouch’ at the sight.

Laiv of course runs over and comforts her wife even as she laughs at the event. In any case, maybe think better about your ‘wish’ for a good night’s sleep, lest your mattress decides to help you go night-night all by itself!