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Wife Realizes She Screws Up Her One Job While Husband Assembles Something and She Has Relatable Reaction

Girl, we’d do the same thing.

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It’s not always often when we ask our partners to do something that we find difficulty doing ourselves and after asking so many times and finally getting them to do the job, they decide to ask us for assistance.

While many of us are happy to assist, we sometimes can get ahead of ourselves while doing the easy task and realize when it’s a little too late that we skipped a step. However, rather than immediately own up to the mistake, TikTok user @k_p90_ opted to take a different approach as seen in the video below.


We love how hilariously relatable this is! It’s not a big deal that she missed a step, after all, we get so excited that we finally got our partner to help us with the task that sometimes, we’re so in tuned with what they’re actually doing that we lose track of what’s on the instruction sheet. Oh and when you throw in the extra task of passing the tools, that too, can also cause a major distraction.

We love how relatable her reaction is and judging by the comments in the comment section, we’re not the only one who can confirm how accurate this is!