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There Are Apparently Only Two Types of Women When It Comes to Dealing With a Full Trashcan

This is... painfully accurate.

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Trash… We don’t really tend to think about it all that much unless the dog gets into it and drags it everywhere or the trash can starts unexpectedly smelling really, really bad. For the most part, we may buy bigger or better bags, recycle where and when we can, or try little tricks to make sure that the bags actually make it all the way down to the bottom of the can, but other than that we don’t really care much... Right?

Well, as one TikTok creator hilariously points out, there are actually two different ways that most women deal with trash, and we find her comment almost scarily accurate!


Savannah, like many of us, shares her house with her partner and she also does a lot of the chores herself which is helpful in any partnership. Unfortunately, she has discovered, over time, that neither she nor her partner really likes emptying the trash can, which has brought up the idea that there are really only two ways to deal with trash (outside of just dumping it.)

The first type of person is the one who constantly shoves more in or on top, even past there being room. This is the ‘Stuffer’, and we’ve all been there at least once or twice. You look at that ‘almost’ full trash can and you think ‘why can’t I fit just one more thing in there?’ Or on top, or on the counter right next to it. Eventually, you get a giant pile of garbage, which brings us to the other type of person.

The ‘Fine - I’ll Do It Myself.’ This person sees that giant pile of trash, teetering on the edge of collapse, and is finally fed up enough to do something about it. So they angrily open up a new trash bag (snapping it as loudly as possible for effect) and stuff all of that extra trash into the new bag. Both bags are then taken out and thrown somewhere new that isn’t outside, just to make a point.

So which side do you fall on? Or do you just take it out yourself to save the hassle?