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Girls Prank Out of Town Roommate by Wrapping Her Entire Room in Christmas Wrapping Paper

“7 Hours and 700 sq. ft. of wrapping paper later…”

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If you've ever lived - or currently live - with roommates, or your parents still, you can probably agree that it is a love-and-hate relationship. And what do you do with roommates or your parents for the Christmas season? You prank them, of course. Such as this kid did with foil.

TikTok creator Hannah Harvey and her roommate came up with a tedious, yet hilarious prank for their roommate, right in time for Christmas. Let's watch what happens!

What a huge surprise!

Apparently, this project took seven hours and required about 700sq ft of wrapping paper. We're not gonna ask how much the cost of all this was, because that might shock us. However, on an upcycled note, they can reuse it for future gift wrapping.

I can't tell if these two ladies love or hate their roommate, who seems to be gone for the holidays. Of course, everyone who saw this video - myself included - is begging them to film the reaction of the returning roommate. 

It's obvious, that this video has a lot of likes and comments, as people were obsessed and confused at the same time, it seems.

As TikToker @a32pc posted,

"It’s a vibe."

It certainly is! It's a Christmas vibe, duh!

This TikToker (@ellie_soininen) wasn't too fond of this idea, as she wrote,

 "I’d cry."

It's not that bad, is it?

It certainly isn't for everyone.

And TikToker @kaileypeel commented that the pattern alone would send her into shock.

I get it, it could be sensitive to the eyes. 

TikToker @maggielynch4 wanted to know how they found the time to do this and TikToker @bferguson50 thought that this is amazing.

By the way, her reaction is priceless. 

What would you do if your roommates did this to you?

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