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Mom Accidentally Buys NSFW Wall Paper and We’re Cracking Up

She had no idea until her daughter pointed it out to her…

Sometimes we are so blinded by a certain aesthetic, we don't see what it is really about. This could happen with a lot of things, but especially shapes and designs. The longer you stare at something, the more it takes on a different shape. Unless you are color blind, like this dad and his reaction to his baby's gender reveal party. 

However, sometimes it could be so inappropriate, it is straight-up funny. As TikTok creator @hazelandpoppy90 and her mom experienced.


I mean, I get it. The longer I stare at it, the more it looks like a certain female body part. But as the mom says, it certainly is a statement wall - for the kitchen. To be fair, when you first look at it, it almost looks like a peacock feather. Similiar in shape but without all the different colors. The color combo is also nice, not too loud but vibrant enough to give a dull kitchen a pop of color, and then some. Hopefully, there will be a part 2 to this video, so the world of TikTok can see how this wallpaper looks in the kitchen. 

A piece of advice, there are many shapes that could resemble a body part - female or male - a few of them are halves of avocados, juicy halves of citrus fruits, peaches, and eggplants. You get the idea. So be extra cautious next time you go shopping for wallpaper, or you'll end up just like this mom did, by explaining your purchase.