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Woman Transforms Old Dresser Into a Stunning Statement Piece Using a ‘Secret’ Weapon

The trick she used is pretty amazing…

There’s something so satisfying about taking something old and repurposing it to make it new again. The majority of us lack the talent to take an old furniture piece and make it look so new and current as though it belongs on the floor of a furniture store. But there are others who completely embody such skill, such as popular TikTok furniture flipper @prettylittleflips.

I mean seriously, she’s a pro at taking old furniture, that she sometimes finds on the side of the road, and putting her own beautiful twist on each flip. Her latest transformation involves an unexpected and inexpensive secret weapon!


I mean…WOW! Who knew those little wooden sticks we’d use for our school projects as kids would transform roadside furniture into this! We love the light finish with the stunning herringbone design on each drawer. And what a genius idea to use the miracle cleaner, Bar Keeper’s Friend to restore the drawer and cabinet handles to its original gold color.

“That was a hell of a transformation,” wrote @irishmestizo. “You’re ummmmm next level lol,” commented Tiktok user Bourbon and Belles. Another follower commented “I thought I liked it at the beginning. But it definitely pops now. Great job!”

She typically sells her furniture flips, however, we wouldn’t blame her if she opted to keep this one for herself!