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Furniture Salves Works Magic On Damaged Leather Couches

Something definitely worth having on hand

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Quality furniture pieces are a must if you want something that’s going to last for a long while. Sure, while we love saving good amount of money here and there, furniture, especially your bed and sofas sometimes require you to spend a little money, especially if the quality pieces you’re investing in are made of leather.

If you have leather furniture pieces, the best thing you can do to maintain its’ integrity, is by conditioning it with a salve. Thankfully, the furniture artists behind the TikTok account @carolinafurnitureflips uploaded a quick video showcasing this salve to help keep your leather furniture in the best condition.


Taking a leather polishing brush, she simply dipped its’ bristles into the salve and swiped it across the necessary areas of the leather couch that especially looked dry. Immediately, you can notice a difference, especially in the “after” video they posted to their account.

Their followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts about the furniture salve. “I used to gross people out when I worked retail by reminding them that leather is just skin and it needs lotion too,” @taylordressedup wrote. “Omg what is this magic???” commented.

Uhhh brb; placing an order.